Friday, July 4, 2014

Warming Woes

It has been a bad last several weeks for the man made global warming alarmist crowd.  Some of their dire predictions have been shown to be wrong, and even working in the opposite direction.  First you had the water level rise in the great lakes, second was the record amount of ice in the antarctic, and third you had NOAA getting caught manipulating weather data.

As the above article points out, it was only a week ago that the alarmists were predicting doom and gloom as the great lakes dried up and how it would cost billions of dollars to the economy and shortages of drinking water to millions.  Imagine the alarmists shock and surprise when the measurements came out showing the lakes had fully recovered and 3 of the 5 were at above average levels and will continue to rise.  I'm sure they will come out with a new paper on how global warming will cause the lakes to flood everything.  LOL  And here is the article for the report that came out just last week:

About a month and a half ago, the alarmists came out with another report; this one saying that the melting sea ice in the antarctic was beyond being able to come back because  so much ice had melted.  this despite the global warmists who went for the antarctic cruise to see how bad the ice had melted, only to get themselves trapped in ice.   It is getting to the point where these guys are just a joke because every time they say something, almost immediately we find that the opposite is true.  Here is the link to the alarmists trapped in ice:

This third story is one of scientific dishonesty and had it not been for some sharp eyed folks, this manipulation may have gone unnoticed.  Scientists are supposed to let the facts speak for themselves, and our government should be honest with its citizens.  This is just another example of the corruption and deceit that is necessary to keep up this global warming scam.  It hurts the integrity of the media as well who just blindly pass it along.  Even the local weathermen are just parroting out what the latest line of bologna is and it makes them look foolish and ignorant.

Down below is a video done by John Coleman, one of my heroes growing up.  He has been there from the start of television meteorology in the 1950s and was the founder of The Weather Channel.  He explains the global warming hoax and how it all got started.

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